Medik8 Press & Glow™ Set

Medik8 Press & Glow™ Set

Unleash the power of the Medik8 Press & Glow™ Set and embrace a visibly smooth, evenly-toned complexion with a year-round glow. Reveal your best skin and enjoy the convenience of a refillable system. Experience the beauty of effortless exfoliation and the joy of glowing skin that's always within reach.
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Elevate your skincare routine with the Medik8 Press & Glow Set, featuring the Press & Glow™ PHA Toner along with a convenient refill. Experience the power of next-generation exfoliating poly hydroxy acids (PHAs) with this hydrating acid toner, designed to exfoliate the skin's surface for a noticeable everyday glow. Formulated with PHA gluconolactone, Press & Glow acts as a moisture magnet, comforting and hydrating the skin while effortlessly exfoliating.

Say goodbye to dryness, stinging, and stickiness - this non-drying formula provides all the power of an acid toner without any discomfort. With Medik8 Press & Glow™ Set, enjoy the juxtaposition of powerful results and a gentle experience, leaving your skin visibly smooth, evenly-toned, and glowing year-round.

Products Included:

  • Medik8 Press & Glow™ PHA Toner 200ml
  • Medik8 Press & Glow™ PHA Toner Refill 200ml

1. After cleansing, dispense a small amount of Medik8 Press & Glow™ PHA Toner onto a cotton pad.
2. Gently sweep the toner across your face and neck, avoiding the eye area.
3. Allow the toner to dry before applying additional skincare products.
4. When your bottle is empty, refill it with the Medik8 Press & Glow™ PHA Toner Refill provided.

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