SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Serum Gel 30ml

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Serum Gel 30ml

An exquisite hyaluronic acid serum that replenishes moisture and unveils a luminous, velvety complexion.
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SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Gel is an oil-free hyaluronic acid serum for combination and oily skin. Its core composition, featuring a dynamic blend of hyaluronic acid, masterfully replenishes moisture reservoirs, diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and bestowing a renewed, supple skin texture. Infused with vitamin B5, renowned for its skin-loving properties, this serum becomes a steadfast partner in fortifying your skin's natural vitality.

Notably, the oil-free formulation of this serum delivers optimal hydration without burdening your skin, making it a harmonious addition to all skin types, especially those seeking to tame oily or acne-prone complexions.

  • Provides optimal hydration without clogging pores, plumping and hydrating fine lines and wrinkles
  • Vitamin B5 assists skin’s ability to repair and rejuvenate, leaving skin feeling supple and smooth
  • Enhancing the benefits of a daily moisturiser, the Hydrating B5 Gel Serum is suitable for all skin types
  • Free from common skincare irritants, formulated in a Paraben-Free, Sulfate-Free, Oil-Free, Fragrance-Free, Phthalate-Free, and Non-Comedogenic formula

Hyaluronic Acid: This remarkable natural humectant possesses the capacity to retain up to 1,000 times its weight in water, saturating your skin with a profound surge of moisture, resulting in a supple and luxuriously hydrated appearance.

Vitamin B5: A potent skin ally, Vitamin B5, or pantothenic acid, joins forces with your skin's innate rejuvenation processes, contributing to a strengthened moisture barrier and a resilient, youthful complexion.


*Please be aware that ingredient lists for the products of our brand are updated regularly. Please refer to the ingredient list on your product package for the most up to date list of ingredients to ensure it is suitable to your personal use.

Skin appears smoother, younger, and hydrated. Signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles are plumped and hydrated.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring humectant, drawing in and retaining moisture to keep skin hydrated. Retaining one thousand times its weight in water, hyaluronic acid acts as a fountain for the skin and helps prevent trans-epidermal water loss. Vitamin B5 is known as a moisturiser for the skin and enhances the natural self-repair process of skin.

Using fingertips, apply two to three drops of the hydrating serum to the entire face, neck, and chest. Avoid the eye area.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Cassandra W.
Good for an aging neck!

I usually can't use hyaluronic acid on my face because I'm so sensitive and it just gives me these weird little bumps and dries me out. So knowing this, I've been using this product on my very textured chest and my aging neck. It's a very nice product! I wish my face could tolerate it. Great ingredients too!

Tracey K.

I really liked this product, I found it to be hydrating and helped get my dry skin back to normal

Mable K.
In combination with Serum 10

I have started to use this B5 gel after it was recommended by the Skinceuticals Clinic in Melbourne for my dry and ageing skin. I use it in combination with the Serum 10 and the SPF. Its feels odd not using a creme moisturiser but my skin dryness is getting better as B5 is very hydrating but I'm still tossing up whether to add a moisturiser back in to my regimen.

Norma P.
Just lovely

So hydrating, amazing paired with the ce ferulic. Hot tip, apply to damp skin (use a face mist).

Lakeisha P.
nice but expensive

This serum is non irritating not fragranced goes on easily and quite hydrating. I found it effective and more effective than about half the vitamin b serums and a preference for not being coloured or fragranced however it is not cheap so a bit of a treat on sale or something I look for in a bundle rather than a top priority.

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