TSL Exclusive Age Element Brightening The Complete Set

TSL Exclusive Age Element Brightening The Complete Set

Antiaging solutions with intensive antioxidant action that enhance the brightness in the face and prevent premature aging.
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Why settle for one product when you can take home the complete set of all products in the Age Element brightening range? Serums and creams providing antiaging solutions with intensive antioxidant action that enhance the brightness in the face and prevent premature ageing.

These intensive antioxidant, revitalizing and brightening treatments contain concentrated antioxidants that stimulate the skin's protection against free radicals, delaying premature ageing. The newly improved formulas include active ingredients that improve skin tone, reduce melanin accumulation and promote epidermal renewal, revealing a revitalized and bright skin and softening the expression lines.

  • Age Element Brightening Complex Plus 4 x 5.5ml $ 139.00
  • Age Element Brightening Concentrate 30ml $ 179.00
  • Age Element Brightening Eye Contour 15ml  $98.00
  • Age Element Brightening Cream 50ml  $139.00


RRP Complete Set: $555.00

Main Active Ingredients:

Stabilized Vitamin C: Ensures the antiaging antioxidant, brightening and preventive action.

Hyaluronic Acid: for deep moisturizing.

[meso]epigen system™: Reverses oxidative stress by activating and maximizing the endogenous antioxidant action.

For full ingredients list see individual products.

Patented Efficacy: Formulas with antiaging epigenetic efficacy that act on the main aging markers.

B-Complex: Optimized association of stabilized derivatives of vitamin C and hyaluronic acid.

Prevents the appearance of expression lines, unifying the skin tone and smoothing imperfections.

Adapted textures and light and fast absorbing formulas.

Please refer to individual products for directions.

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